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Pouring the wine to serve soloders

In 492 BC, the Kingdom of Yue was defeated by the Kingdom of Wu. Yue Wang Jujian took his wife to become a slave in the Kingdom of Wu and suffered humiliation. Gou Jian returned to Vietnam, determined to work hard, avenge his shame, and cultivate his politics. The subjects were united, raising the wind and sailing to help him restore the country and destroy Wu, leaving behind the tales of throwing glutinous rice into a teacher and making a pot of wine to rejuvenate the nation. "Lv Shi Chunqiu · Shunmin Chapter" records: When Yue Wang Jujian came out of Wu, his father and fellow villagers toasted him. He poured the wine on the upper reaches of the river and drank with the soldiers and soldiers. The soldiers and people were excited, and they were full of fighting spirit. Finally Victory over Wu is a shame. The river into which the wine was poured was called "tou mash river" by later generations, and it still flows in the ancient city of Shaoxing...

Drink water from a winding canal with one wine cup floating on it so as to wash away ominousness

On the third day of the third month of the year of the ancients, in order to eliminate disasters and evils, they went to the waterside to play and repair the scorpion three times. On the third day of March in the 9th year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (353), 42 people including the great calligrapher Wang Xizhi and the then celebrities Xie An, Sun Chuo, Xu Xun, and Dun came here to meditate and held an extraordinary poetry meeting. A good literati and gentleman set himself in the mountains and forests of Xiuzhu, listed the classics of Qushui, and let the Maojiu go to the Maoqingliu Cup and let him drift. Whoever stopped in front of him would compose improvisational poems, otherwise he would be fined. Sixteen people failed to pick up a sentence, and each was fined three times. Wang Xizhi assembled 37 poems into a collection, and Cheng Jiuxing wrote a 34-character preface, which is the famous "Lanting Preface." Legend has it that Wang Xizhi has repeatedly written "The Preface of the Lanting Pavilion" that cannot reach the original state. This shows that art treasures need to be created in an environment where nature and man are united, and it also verifies the power and effect of wine.

Snowy Night Visit to Mr. Dai

Wang Huizhi is the fifth son of Wang Xi. During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, scholars advocated indulgence and liberalization, and Wang Huizhi did the same. Therefore, soon he abandoned the official to return to the east and retired to Shanyin. One day, when it snowed heavily at night, he woke up from sleep and ordered his family to open the door for a drink. While drinking, he looked into the distance, but he saw a piece of whiteness, "there is a brilliant look in all directions." "Because of hesitation", he chanted Zuo Si's "Zhao Yin" poem, and suddenly thought of Dai Kui, the famous sage of the world. Dai Kui is Dai Andao. In the Book of Jin, it is said that he was "less knowledgeable, easy to talk, good at writing, can drum and piano, calligraphy and calligraphy, and the other skillful arts are inexhaustible", "Sexual unhappy in the world, often with the piano "Entertainment", "Later moved to Huiji Yan County (now Shengzhou City)". Shanyin is far away from Yanxian, more than 100 miles up the river. Wang Huizhi took a boat overnight and arrived at Dai Kui's house a day later. But at this moment, he stopped suddenly, instead of entering the door, he turned back. Someone asked him, why didn't you come back when you came to the door? He said frankly: "I originally came here with wine, and now I'm out of wine, why must I see Dai Kui?" This is the story of "Visit Dai on a Snowy Night" that has been passed down through the ages.

Toast at Shen Yuan

In the spring of Shaoxing's twenty-five years (1155), 31-year-old Lu You came to visit Shenyuan, where he met his ex-wife Tang Wan. After obtaining the consent of his husband-in-law Zhao Shicheng, Tang Wan toasted Lu You. Lu You has mixed feelings. More than ten years ago, 20-year-old Lu You married his cousin Tang Wan, and they were very emotional, but Tang Wan never received the favor of her mother-in-law, and the two were eventually separated. Now that Shen Yuan meets, Tang Wan has married another, Lu You also married another, just as Tang Wan said in his poem: "People are different, but today is not yesterday." Hairpin Phoenix": Red crisp hands, yellow wine, and willows on the walls of the spring palace. The east wind is evil, but love is weak. A cup of melancholy, a few years away. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The spring is as old, the people are empty and thin, and the tears are red. Peach blossoms, leisure pond pavilion. Although the mountain league is there, the Jinshu is hard to trust. Mo, Mo, Mo! The yellow rice wine, Tang Wan's ruddy hands, and the green of the willow tree, these three colors reflect the fullness of spring and the infinite vitality. However, the beginning of joy is followed by resentment and sadness. The contrast is strong and touching, which makes this song Ci has become a masterpiece of the ages. Shenyuan has now become a place of interest for people to pay tribute to Lu You and Tang Wan.

Drink to discuss current events

Mr. Lu Xun was born in Shaoxing and has a special affection for Shaoxing wine. Although he is not addicted to wine, he often has a drink, meets friends and talks about wine in the world; In 1910, Lu Xun served as the superintendent of Shaoxing Fu Middle School, and he often went to Taisheng Hotel for drinks after school. The hotel is near the river and has its own awning boat with a variety of fresh fish in the cabin. When you open a window in the elegant room, you can see the freshness of crucian carp, carp, and mackerel at a glance. At that time, Lu Xun's favorite river food was steamed crucian carp. When banqueting friends, he always orders this dish. Of course, Mr. Lu Xun sometimes uses dried fish, sauced duck, and glutinous chicken with wine. In 1912, Lu Xun's friend Xu Shoushang specially asked someone to buy the dried fish, sauced duck, and glutinous chicken from the hotel to give him. Lu Xun was quite moved by this. Lu Xun has a well-known poem "Self-deprecating": "Whatever you want to transport the canopy, I didn't dare to turn over and met. The broken hat covered the bustling city, and the ship leaked the wine. Hiding in a small building to form a unity, take care of him in winter, summer and spring and autumn." The poem has an epilogue: "Duff rewards rice, idlers cheer up, steal half of them, and make them all together, in order to ask Mr. Yazi to teach." It turned out, 1932. On October 5, 2010, Yu Dafu jokingly said to him: "These days, have you worked hard?" Lu Xun said with a smile: "Yesterday I thought of two sentences: Hengmei coldly pointed to Qianfu, bowing his head and willing to be a ruling cow. Just never again. I can’t find a few decent sentences.” Duff said, “It seems that your canopy luck has not been taken off!” Lu Xun said happily, “For you, I have two more sentences. Poem!" Mr. Lu Xun has many drinking poems and essays, especially the article "Wei Jin Style and the Relationship between Articles and Medicine and Liquor", which expounds the role of wine in the creation and psychology of literati in terms of the seven sages of the bamboo forest in the Wei and Jin Dynasties. When it comes to the merits of wine, it always shows its sharp edge, based on the ancient and the present, and points out the current disadvantages, and it is three points into the woods. As for Lu Xun's novels, wine is written about nine out of ten. It can be said that the booming Xianheng Hotel is all because of the light of Mr. Lu Xun's masterpiece. Of course, Xianheng Hotel provides an important environment for character activities in Lu Xun's novels, and Mr. Lu Xun's Kong Yiji is based on his neighbor, the alcoholic literati "Mencius." In addition. Lu Xun’s many works, such as "The Diary of a Madman", "The True Story of Ah Q", "On the Restaurant", "Hometown", "Blessings", etc., all use wine to write people and things, or people and things to write wine, from time to time The mellow aroma of Shao wine wafted out.

Every meal must have wine

Mr. Cai Yuanpei, a famous educator in modern times, was born in Shaoxing and grew up in Shaoxing. He has a preference for Shaoxing wine. According to his friends, although he has worked in other places for decades, he has always maintained the habits and hobbies he has cultivated in his hometown since he was a child. He likes Shaoxing wine and he must drink it at all meals. Every year, he asks his relatives and friends to buy a few jars of wine from Shaoxing and transport them to him for self-drinking or treats at home. In addition to Shaoxing wine, most of Cai Yuanpei's snacks are specialties of Shaoxing, such as dried vegetables and mildew. During the holidays, he also asked relatives and friends to mail him Shaoxing New Year goods such as sauced duck, glutinous chicken, and dried fish. Even the jug he usually uses is a tin jug brought from Shaoxing. It has a circle inside and outside, with an interlayer in the middle. It can be filled with hot water to warm the wine in cold weather. Cai Yuanpei is an inquirer from a university, with an easy-going temperament and a gentle temperament. He is always humble and gentle when dealing with people and things. He pays attention to drinking etiquette when drinking banquets. Regardless of whether men, women, young or old toast him, he must toast in return. Once, one of his students accompanied Cai Yuanpei to Ningbo and stayed at the house of a friend named Huanggong'ao in Xiangshan. Historian was warm and thoughtful. The owner knew that Cai Yuanpei had a good wine. In addition to wine for lunch and dinner, he also prepared a variety of dishes for breakfast. This student also loves wine, but has no habit of drinking morning wine, so he upside down the wine glass on the dinner table, indicating that he does not drink morning wine. Afterwards, Cai Yuanpei told him that it was not good to do this and it was not in line with the etiquette of the wine table. If the host fills a glass, you don't drink it. Put it there, and people will know that you don't drink the morning wine and will not force you, but if you press the glass upside down, it seems that you don't show enough respect for the host. This student was very inspired, and when others toasted to him in the future, he would definitely pay attention to etiquette like his teacher Cai Yuanpei, and reciprocate respectfully.
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